Lil Kim Fans Are Not Happy Rapper Maino Interrupted Her Big Day
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Lil Kim is having a hell of a month. In the span of just a week, the legendary Brooklyn emcee filed for bankruptcy, dropped a new video for “Spicy,” and was honored by her hometown for her contributions to music. While the celebration should have been a happy occasion, it was marred by the Queen Bee’s frenemy, Maino.

As members of New York’s Black, Latino, and Asian Caucus (BLAC) were getting ready to present Kim with a proclamation for Black Music Month, Maino decided he wanted to hijack the moment and say a few words about the Queen Bee.

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“I want to talk about the little lady I know from Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn,” rapper Maino told the crowd in his impromptu speech. “The biggest, baddest chick in the game inspired me and helped me. You’re talking about someone who has been a legend, not only in hip hop but in fashion,” he added.

While he could have left it there, Maino continued to annoy Lil Kim while she received her plaque and posed for pictures. Instead of just smiling for the camera and letting Kim have her moment, Maino kept trying to whisper in Kim’s ear, grab her by the neck, and pinch her arm.

Predictably, Lil Kim wasn’t pleased, but she kept it professional and didn’t let Maino’s antics ruin her day. Her fans, on the other hand, were not happy that Maino attempted to steal the spotlight.





Though Maino had great things to say about Lil Kim, his “Kanye moment” was awkward and downright disrespectful.

The Queen Bee deserved so much better.

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