Lil Jon Drags Congressional Republican For Using ‘Get Low’ Lyrics To Promote His Win
Lil Jon | 2019 Essence Festival

Lil Jon is not trying to “Get Low” with the Republican party. The rapper and producer clapped back at Congressman Paul Gosar for using his lyrics on Twitter to promote his political victory. 

The politician sent the offending tweet featuring lyrics from the 2002 smash directly to Lil Jon. 

Gosar, who is the U.S. Representative for Arizona’s 4th Congressional district, tweeted “69.69 damn that’s fine. What say you @LilJon,” after learning that he had a 69.69% lead over Democratic candidate Delina DiSanto. 

“DONT QUOTE MY SONGS BRUH,” snapped Lil Jon in response. He then asked if Gosar was going to be helping out with the next series of moving trucks pulling up to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. 


Disanto chimmed in thanking Lil Jon for the quick clap back. “Just think. @DrPaulGosar had to rub his ego. And thank you @LilJon for calling Gosar out. I’m honored that over 117,000 #AZ04 voters voted for me,” she wrote.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were named President-elect and Vice President-elect on November 7. 

The news prompted nationwide celebrations including spontaneous parades in Maplewood, New Jersey, Miami and Atlanta; a march in Los Angeles’ Silver Lake park; a dance party in Brooklyn, and a series of Champagne toasts in Manhattan’s Washington Square. According to Newsweek, Washington D.C. liquor stores reported elevated Champagne sales shortly after the announcement was made. 

Clips of protestors reciting the lyrics to Cardi B’s “WAP,” and chanting the viral phrase “You about to lose yo job,” began circulating immediately after Biden’s victory was confirmed. 

On October 29, a Twitter user asked Lil Jon if he would consider joining rappers Lil Wayne and Lil Pump who chose to endorse Donald Trump in the 2020 election. “@LilJon please join @lilpump & @LilTunechi in supporting our great President,” they wrote. 

“HOW ABOUT F*****K NOOOOOO,” he replied. 

Lil Jon celebrated online by reposting a TikTok clip featuring the current president being ejected from the White House. 



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