15 Delicious Photos Of Birthday Boy Larenz Tate Looking His Absolute Finest Over The Years

These photos prove why we'll always have a love jones for the POWER star.

Lauren Porter Sep, 08, 2017

1 of 15 Keith Leman

Since emerging on the scene in 1993, Larenz has been good on the eyes and our hearts!

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Larenz certainly has found the fountain of youth because with each passing year he still doesn't look a day over 20.

3 of 15 Vera Anderson

One of the things we love most about the married actor and father is that he's always calm, cool and collected.

4 of 15 Prince Williams

Don't hurt 'em too much with the one chain Larenz!

5 of 15 Jenny Anderson

From Menace II Society to Girls Trip, Larenz will always have our hearts.

6 of 15 Leon Bennett

This photo is one of the many reasons why we love Larenz when he's suited up or dressed down!

7 of 15 Jason LaVeris

That smile certainly knows how to melt all of our hearts!

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Tate recently joined the cast of Starz hit drama, Power, and honestly we can't get enough of him or his character!

9 of 15 J. Countess

Forever fly and fine, Mrs. Tate is one lucky lady to have a lifetime with Larenz.

10 of 15 Christopher Polk/NBC

Even in all black, he has a vibe that'll light up a room.

11 of 15 Slaven Vlasic


12 of 15 Jesse Grant

We can't get enough of this star!

13 of 15 Prince Williams

Peace and love to you Larenz, peace and love!

14 of 15 Keith Leman

Be still our beating hearts!

15 of 15 Keith Leman

Larenz will always be a leading man in our eyes!