Kimberly Elise Celebrates Her Vegan Lifestyle in New PETA Ad
Kimberly Elise is the star of the new PETA ad, celebrating her vegan lifestyle and showing what it’s done for her body. The Hit The Floor star started off as a vegetarian and decided to take the full leap to becoming truly vegan. “As I learned more about the abuses to animals and the way meat was brought to the table and everything that these creatures were going through,” said Elise. “It was just another motivation and reason for me to live the lifestyle that felt true to my soul and my spirit.” In an exclusive video interview with PETA, Elise expresses her love for the vegan lifestyle. “My energy is fanstastic,” gushed Elise. “It’s helped me stay youthful looking and there’s a certain energy and vibrance that you get when you’re eating food that’s fresh from the earth.” And she’s not just saying that. She encourages others to test the vegan waters, because she knows they’ll be surprised. “You don’t realize what food tastes like until you stop eating meat,” said Elise. “It’s like something happens to your palette, it just gets cleansed. It’s like the simplest thing–a tomato–tastes like the most vibrant, amazing thing on the planet.”

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