You might soon be adding “relationships expert” to “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kim Zolciak’s already extensive resume. Zolciak, who recently signed a book deal, is keeping mum about what she’ll actually write about though she did hint that it might be a manual on how women can land their own Big Poppa. Our curiosity piqued, caught up with the expectant mom at her Atlanta townhouse (which she’s selling) to chat about pregnancy, her upcoming book and what she really thinks of Phaedra and the rest of the “RHOA” ladies. First of all, congratulations on the book deal! KIM ZOLCIAK: You guys were the first ones to tell me about it. I was on Twitter and someone told me Essence Online tweeted about my book and I was like, ‘Oh how do they know?’ so then I clicked it and I was like, ‘Oh well they know an awful lot.’ Then I found out that the publishing company had released a statement. How did the book come about? ZOLCIAK: They approached me six months ago. To be honest with you, I was supposed to have it done and out by now, but I’ve obviously had so many other things going on. I get so many questions on how I got ‘Big Poppa,’ so I said let me tell these people what it’s about. I spoke to the publishing company and they thought it was a good idea. So do you think that it’ll be a relationships book? ZOLCIAK: It’s more or less how to land your own ‘Big Poppa.’ People believe that lifestyle is really about money, and at the end of the day it’s more about women in general. It’s more about loving yourself first and then everything else will fall into place. A man’s never gonna rescue you like people think. Are you worried that women might be critical because they’ll say well ‘Big Poppa’ wasn’t necessarily available… ZOLCIAK: He was available and if he wasn’t available I would have never had a relationship with him, He spent 99 percent of his nights here and he would take my kids to school functions. We went on vacations together as a family. I mean he’s legally married on paper, but he has no marriage. So it was okay for Sheree [Whitfield] to date in season 1 and season 2 before her divorce but ‘Big Poppa’ can’t be with anybody because he’s legally married on paper? His wife doesn’t even live in Atlanta, she lives in another state, so he was not available legally for me to run off and get married to him per se, but I had a five year relationship with him. So much has happened in your life since you split from Big Poppa. Have you spoken to him? ZOLCIAK: I’ve moved on and we don’t speak, but he sent me a text message saying ‘Congratulations I’m really happy for you.’ That was a long time ago long before Kroy. How’s your pregnancy going? ZOLCIAK: It’s going great, I feel much better now. I just had nausea all day. With both my girls, I wasn’t one that was over the toilet the whole day, just nauseous and nothing tastes good, but now I’m much better and I just sleep a lot. There are all these rumors that you are engaged. What’s the deal with that? ZOLCIAK: I don’t know. I guess they had nothing else to talk about in the press that day because I’m not [engaged]. And I love how they said that I wouldn’t wear my ring. Clearly, people know that we’ve had sex so why would I not want to wear my ring? I’m confused. I was not given a ring. What do you think of the season so far? ZOLCIAK: Sheree’s great. I’ve known Sheree and NeNe the longest. NeNe is NeNe, you know? It’s a back and forth deal between us. Kandi’s cool. I didn’t know that she didn’t feel like she was taken care of for “Tardy for the Party.” I was really surprised by that. We have a very good friendship too and we can talk about everything and we share everything. Cynthia is a snooze fest and Phaedra, I actually like Phaedra. She says crazy things too but I actually like her. The time that I’ve spent with Phaedra, whether it’s filming or off camera I actually I really like her. What do you think of the possibility that NeNe and Gregg might be getting a divorce? ZOLCIAK: I think it’s awful, to be honest with you. I always thought that Gregg balanced NeNe out, she’s loud and she likes to be the center of attention. Gregg is a little more subdued and a little more quiet and he doesn’t mind her being in the spotlight. I think they made a great team. However, sometimes when the damage is done it’s time to move on and I know that NeNe is strong enough to do that. What’s up with your new song, “Ring doesn’t mean a thing”? Is it fully produced? ZOLCIAK: It’s done, and it’ll be out soon. To be honest we haven’t worked it out. It’s finished and it’s done and it will be available on iTunes but we haven’t gotten that stuff figured out. It’s a bunch of paperwork and nonsense. What do you think of people who make fun of your voice? ZOLCIAK: I think it’s hysterical. I do look a little crazy so I can understand where they’re coming from but I just tell them, ‘Whatever, I’m laughing all the way to the bank, thanks.’ What do you think the rest of the season will be like? What can we expect? ZOLCIAK: You get to see my relationship with NeNe change forever and I think on the tour you’ll get to see a little different side of me and some struggles that I go through. I think the last three episodes are going to be the best, people get to see a different side of all of us towards the end.