<p>Hairstylist Kim Kimble On Working With Beyoncé: 'You Have To Come Correct'</p>



Kim Kimble, celebrity hairstylist and reality star, has worked with a number of incredible stars. But, at the top of that list is Beyoncé Knowles-Carter.

Kimble has been behind some of the singer’s most iconic looks, including the styles from Bey’s recent work, Lemonade

The hairstylist stopped by ESSENCE’s Yes, Girl! and gushed about how inspiring it is to work with the singer, whose work ethic is notorious.

“It’s exciting anytime I work with Beyoncé,” Kimble said. “She is a trailblazer, a leader, a trendsetter, and an amazing business woman. So, really working behind the scenes with her, of course, it pushes you. The excellence that she brings, you have to come correct. You have to be an excellent person to work with her.”

Kimble, who got her start on hit film B*A*P*S, definintely has the talent and drive to keep up with Queen Bey. Her work has appeared on numerous ESSENCE covers and the hair guru has her own reality show, L.A. Hair.

“What she [Beyoncé] does is always so top notch and amazing,” Kimble continued. “She puts her all into it and it makes you put your all into it as well. Not only am I inspired and a fan of her music and her talent, but I’m also inspired by what a business woman she is.”