Here For It: Kid Cudi’s Mental Health Struggle Has Inspired Black Men To Talk About Depression
Josh Brasted
On Tuesday, Kid Cudi shared with fans that he had checked into rehab for depression and suicidal urges. “Its been difficult for me to find the words to what Im about to share with you because I feel ashamed. Ashamed to be a leader and hero to so many while admitting I’ve been living a lie. It took me a while to get to this place of commitment, but it is something I have to do for myself, my family, my best friend/daughter and all of you, my fans,” he wrote in a heartfelt post. Cudi’s revelation has inspired others to speak out about depression and masculinity, sparking a much needed conversation about Black men and mental health. On Twitter, the hashtag #yougoodman includes men sharing their own stories and tackling stereotypes about mental health in the Black community. Subscribe to our daily newsletter for the latest in hair, beauty, style and celebrity news. We wish Cudi all the best and are proud of him for speaking out and seeking help. We hope the conversation around Black men, masculinity, and mental health continues and that others are inspired to seek help and share their story.


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