Keyshia Cole On Ex-Husband Trying To Keep Marriage Alive: ‘You Can’t Keep Using God’
Steve Granitz/Getty Images

After a crazy season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Keyshia Cole opened up to The Breakfast Club about her new album, reality television, her ex-husband and dating. Candid as usual, the singer broke down how she realized her marriage to former NBA player Daniel “Booby” Gibson wouldn’t work.

“To be on that show with Gib and look at all the things you’re doing, this is personal business,” she said. “You guys should check out the reunion, cause I think he said something like, ‘Oh yea, I’m single now. I can do whatever I want.’ I was like, ‘Sir, you were doing all this when we were married though.’ Like stop, this is no different.”

To which radio co-host Angela Yee said, “He was really pursuing you heavy.”

“And was acting like it was a God thing,” Cole replied. “‘And God said. And God is this.’ And I was to a point where I was like, ‘OK you can’t keep using God.'”

She also addressed the legalities of their break up —specifically the rumor that Gibson filed for spousal support and full custody of their son, Daniel Hiram Gibson Jr.

“I’m just happy we’re finally going through with the divorce… it takes 60 days,” the 11:11 Reset singer said about the divorce being finalized soon. “I’m really excited that we’re finally —both of us— able to get over this and move on. Let’s start a fresh and new.”

“I haven’t been home to see the paperwork, so I don’t know,” she said about the spousal support rumor. “He said it isn’t true. I’m hoping that he would never try to do that.”

In addition to sharing her favorite songs off the album inspired by her romanic journey, she also revealed there’s a new man in her life— but she’s taking things slow. “There is somebody but you know, it’s a whole procedure getting to know somebody. It takes time. People make mistakes and you learn.”

Adding, “Whoever’s meant to be with me, he’s gonna come.”