Kevin Hart Is Currently Comedy’s Biggest Star And His Own Competition
Dennis Leupold

Right now, Kevin Hart is the biggest name in comedy.

According to IMDB, last year alone he starred in five films, he currently has three projects in post-production, and three that were recently announced, not including the series he’s developing for Showtime with rapper T.I.

Hart never stops working, “The difference between Kevin and other entertainers is that he has a keen understanding of the business side of things,” said Jeff Clanagan, Hart’s longtime partner and president of both HartBeat Digital and Laugh Out Loud Network told ESSENCE. “You can’t just look at him as talent.”

“He has an incredible work ethic as a businessman separate and apart from Kevin Hart the comedian. It doesn’t matter if it’s midnight. He’s working, reading, studying, going through the night to get the ideas.”

Hart motivates himself to work as hard as possible, recognizing that fame is fleeting, building his craft is the most important thing. 

“Yes, your homes may get bigger, you may get some new toys. But I focus on keeping a clear head,” Hart told us in the June 2017 issue. “Understanding that nothing is guaranteed, that this stuff can change in the blink of an eye.” 

“My expectations for this to stay like this forever aren’t high. The success I now have and that I see myself gaining is all me competing with me, wanting to become the best version of me.”

Learn more about Kevin Hart’s insane work ethic in the June 2017 issue of ESSENCE on newsstands now.