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Kevin Hart Tried To Get On Stage After The Eagles' Super Bowl Win. It Didn’t Go Well

Kevin Hart Tried To Get On Stage After The Eagles’ Super Bowl Win. It Didn’t Go Well
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Comedian Kevin Hart may be known around the world for his ability to make almost anyone laugh, but there’s one place America’s highest-earning comedian wasn’t welcome: on stage at Super Bowl LII.

After Hart’s hometown team, the Philadelphia Eagles, beat the New England Patriots in the big game, the actor attempted to celebrate with the squad while NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell handed out the championship trophy…and it didn’t end well.

While the world watched the celebration, Hart could be seen on cameras trying to walk on stage before being turned away by a security guard, despite his best persuasive efforts. Of course Twitter noticed and roasted Hart for his failed party-crashing efforts.




Hart did eventually get a chance to talk to the media about the Eagles win, but it didn’t quite go according to plan. The super excited fan ended up dropping a F-bomb on live TV during a chat with commentators from the NFL Network before jumping off the stage to continue his celebration.


Though he became the talk of the Internet, Hart took the incident in stride. Early Monday morning, he took to Instagram to explain what he was thinking in the moment. He also gave the security guard some props.

“When alcohol’s in you system you do dumb stuff. Me trying to go on stage with the trophy is definitely in the top two stupidest things I’ve ever done, but who cares,” a still tipsy Hart told his fans. “The Eagles won the Super Bowl!”

During the brief clip, Hart also admitted his wife, Eniko Hart, tried to stop him from rushing the stage. But as we saw, he wouldn’t listen.

“My wife was the first one to say, ‘Babe don’t go up there.’ I told my wife, ‘Nah, honey, chill out. I got to be up there with my city”

After seeing how things played out, he probably should have taken his wife’s advice.