Kevin Hart Fans Can Get A Sneak Peek Of The Comedian’s New Streaming Service
Dennis Leupold

You may have heard that Kevin Hart is launching his own comedy streaming service, now Laugh out Loud has an official launch date.

Hart’s Laugh Out Loud network launches August 3 and will feature original unscripted and scripted content, as well as licensed content and an exclusive digital debut of all seven seasons of Def Jam Comedy.

But, before the network’s launch, Hart is giving fans a taste of his new series Kevin Hart: Lyft Legend. The show sees Hart transforming into a new character, Donald Mac, a Lyft driver with a tendency to share too much info with passengers as he takes them on wacky adventures. 

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Hart says of the network in a statement, “Funny has no color or gender. With our friends at Lionsgate, we are creating a global network that gives a platform to the next generation of diverse comedians from all over the world, of all ethnicities, to tell their stories. Our culture of comedy is unfiltered and inclusive. Most importantly, we exist to make the world laugh.”

And, when Hart isn’t busy being the hardest working man in comedy, he’s getting roasted by friends. Baller Alert spotted Nick Cannon giving Hart a hard time over a recent look he referred to as “doo doo brown.”

Cannon and Hart have worked together on Hart’s Real Housewives parody, Real Husbands of Hollywood, so we know the jokes never stop with these two. Hopefully, Cannon will make an appearance on the Jumanji actor’s new network.