Your Man Or Your Job: We Might Be Seeing More Of Kenya Moore’s Hubby
Paras Griffin

Kenya Moore is facing a complicated situation as it’s rumored producers for The Real Housewives of Atlanta have given Moore an ultimatum: either new hubby Marc Daly joins the show or you’re fired.

A source close to production tells TMZ that they only way Moore will be able to remain on the show is if her husband joins, which Marc does not want to do. Marc allegedly has a problem with how Black men are portrayed  on the show and refuses to join the cast.

Moore has reportedly made it clear the show hired her and not her husband, adding that she doesn’t want to jeopardize her marriage. The star is also rumored to be undergoing IVF and wants to avoid the stress of the ultimatum. 

If true, we hope Moore and the the show’s producers can come to some sort of agreement. We’re not ready to see Kenya leave the Real Housewives


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