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Black-ish Creator Kenya Barris Finally Speaks Out About Roseanne Barr's Firing

Black-ish Creator Kenya Barris Finally Speaks Out About Roseanne Barr’s Firing
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Kenya Barris isn’t holding his tongue about ABC’s complicity in Roseanne Barr’s recent racist rant.

At Variety’s Path to Parity summit, the Black-ish creator praised the network’s swift response to the debacle but questioned the hiring of the series namesake in the first place. “You hired a monster and then you asked why the monster was killing villagers,” Barris said, adding that ABC knew that Barr has a tendency to spew racist vitriol online. ABC is also home to Black-ish.

The producer even planned to protest the network when Barr first called former Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett an ape.

“I was literally coming out of the show and I was like f— this,” he recalled.  “I was going to go crazy. I was going to call my agent and go on Don Lemon and other shows.”

He first dialed several TV executives to warn them, including ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey, Disney/ABC Television Group chief Ben Sherwood, and ABC Studios president Patrick Moran. But he never got a chance to execute his plan before ABC quickly pulled Barr’s reboot off air. “I was like, ‘I’m sorry guys’ and then I have to say, the response came in minutes.”

Though Barris was candid regarding ABC, he is currently rumored to be making a move to Netflix. However, he didn’t speak that or what happened to that political episode of black-ish that was pulled. Guess we’ll have to continue to wait on it.