How Kelly Rowland Learned To Stand In Her Womanhood: ‘You’re Going To Get All of This’
Steven Gomillion

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After watching the sultry video for Kelly Rowland’s hot new single “Coffee,” it’s unbelievable hearing she didn’t quite own her sensuality.

Not that sensuality the multiple Grammy award winning singer easily drips on red carpets from Australia, where she judges The Voice, to Hollywood, where she’s expanding as a producer. But that sensuality of knowing—and owning—that sexiness comes from within. “‘Motivation’ gave me a taste of it, that was when I was 30, and then after having Titan, I think I lost my mojo,” Rowland tells Yes, Girl! podcast hosts Cori Murray and Charli Penn.

“And in these five years, it just continues to show itself, and it’s not even necessarily with body or anything. It’s [questioning] how I feel about myself, how I feel about my mind, how I feel about how I contribute to my relationships in my life, how motherhood,” says Rowland, before effusively breaking into a big grin. “Man, I think motherhood is some of the sexiest moments I’ve ever had in my life, you know what I mean?”

That sexiness is clearly front and center in Rowland’s “Coffee” video, where she playfully proclaims: “I freed the nipple!” The proud wife and mother explains why she pushed the envelope.

“I had a moment where I thought, how was Eve in the garden? Was she self-conscious, or did she just stand in her womanhood that God made for her. But it took me a long time to get there. For so long I think society has been like ‘No cover that… Don’t see that.’ But then there’s Venus de Milo standing there in all her glory in a shell. [laughs] So, you’re going to get all of this.”

Yes, Girl! hosts cosigned the moment: “We deserve it. When we love and accept our bodies and then celebrate and embrace them, it opens up doors to so many other amazing places we can go with them, with our partner and in our spirit. Like it frees us. We love that you felt free like that.”

“I did,” says Rowland, again smiling from ear to ear. “I mean I’m not going to go out here and lose my mind. But in that moment, I knew I needed to be in that space for the message.”

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