Keke Palmer Is Not Here For Your Nudes And Thirst DMs

Keke Palmer has some words of advice if you’re trying to get her attention: DO NOT SEND DICK PICS.

The actress stopped by “The Whoolywood Shuffle” to talk to DJ Whoo Kid about her obsession with ’90s fashion and the recent rise of unsolicited pics and messages she’s been getting in her DMs.

Palmer, whose new looks have been heavily inspired by ’90s fashion and R&B, told DJ Whoo Kid, “I love the 90s, I really feel like I should have been born in that era, it was so extra! Seriously, I’m too R&B for my own good.”

And, the cold isn’t going to stop her from walking around NYC in the flyest looks. Palmer added, “It’s so cold outside and I’m out here with some panties on and thigh highs.”

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It seems fans aren’t the only people interested in Palmer’s fashionable outfits. The Scream Queens star added that dudes have been sliding into her DMs with thirsty messages: “I’m not going to lie, immediately this one specific dude, I hadn’t talked to him and, literally, after I posted a photo — love eyes.” Palmer didn’t name the guy who slid into her DMs with the heart eyes emoji, but did say she was a little shocked by the thirst.

As for sending Keke unsolicited dick pics, don’t do it. “Body part pics, I hate! If you ever send me a body part pic you will literally be corny for life. I hate it!”

The thirst is real out here in these streets, but take it down a few notches and stop with the dick pics, guys; no one’s interested.