Keke Palmer Dishes on Being a Beauty Role Model for Young Women
Michael Rowe

This article originally appeared on Mimi.
We had a lot of talent come through during Essence Festival, but we were super excited to talk beauty with Keke Palmer to talk Beauty with MIMI. She is the first black Cinderella on Broadway and has a new role on the upcoming FOX horror-comedy Scream Queens. At only 21 years old she is a serious game changer, and quickly become the new beauty inspiration for milenials.

We picked her brain about inspiration, beauty, and must have products in her makeup bag.

MIMI: How do you feel about being a pioneer in the way young girls see beauty?

Palmer: Oh man, that’s awesome. I feel if someone sees me that way, it’s awesome. There are many different types of women out there that are beautiful. I’m all about finding what makes you feel beautiful to let your light shine through. It’s all about how you see yourself.

MIMI: When do you feel most beautiful?

Palmer: I feel most beautiful when I’m laughing, having fun, being silly and I’m letting it all hang out. I think that when someones tells me Im beautiful, that’s where its coming from.

MIMI: Who is your beauty inspiration?

Palmer: I have so many … Naomi Campbell I think she’s so gorgeous. I love Julia Roberts – it think she’s very beautiful, very interesting type of beauty. I love Mia Long–Ii think she’s gorgeous. I tend to be into the girl-next-door type of gal – I love that understated beautiful – where no matter how they are or how they’re dressed, they still shine.

MIMI: You’ve been doing this for awhile and working with some of the best makeup artists what are your 3 beauty secrets to bring out your best features?


Palmer: I actually learned this really cool trick, if you have dark spots under your eyes, use an offset color according to your complexion to balance your skin tone. I use orange underneath my eyes and then put a concealer on top.


Palmer: To make your lips look fuller or just to shine more light on your shape you can put a lighter color or highlighter right above your lips (cupids bow) to make your lips pop a lot more.


Palmer: It’s more important to highlight. A lot of time with contour people get caught up in the sculpting, but it’s finding that balance with the highlighter that balances your look .

MIMI: What are the three products you can’t live without?

1. Chanel Joues Contrast Powder Blush, $45
2. Isola Bella Satin Lip Pencil from Nars, $26
3. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer, $34