Katherine Jackson is resigning as Blanket Jackson’s guardian.

TMZ reports that the Jackson family matriarch has decided she no longer needs to act as the 15-year-old’s guardian, adding the difference in his age and her own, 87, as one of the reasons she wants to step down. 

The Jackson matriarch and her 39-year-old grandson TJ Jackson—Tito Jackson’s son—were appointed co-guardians of all three of Michael Jackson’s children in 2012. In the new court documents, Katherine “feels that TJ is able to assume all necessary responsibilities of the guardianship” of Blanket (real name: Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr.). 

Blanket’s older siblings Paris, 19, and Prince, 20, are both legal adults now pursuing their own interests. Paris is pursuing an acting and modeling career and recently appeared on Fox’s Star while Prince is pursuing a behind-the-scenes career in entertainment.  Blanket, who is rarely seen, was spotted earlier this year leaving a martial arts class. 

Jackson’s request to resign as the teen’s guardian is still awaiting a judge’s approval.