Kanye Slams Producer on Twitter After Macklemore Comparison
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On Monday, Pink Floyd producer Bob Ezrin published a scathing essay on Kanye West.

He referred to ‘Ye’s skills as “sophomoric at best” and even went so far as to compare Kanye to Macklemore. Not surprisingly, Kanye took to Twitter and proceeded to rip the guy apart.

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Kanye goes from zero to 100 in no time. First, he asked who Bob Ezrin was and what he knew about rap, before diving in to say that Ezrin’s kids were ashamed of him and embarrassed.

“I’m so sorry for them… I will send them free Yeezys to make up for the embarrassment that you have caused your family!”

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Kanye even took a shot at Taylor Swift tweeting, “I made Dark Fantasy and Watch the Throne in one year and wasn’t nominated for either and you know who has 2 albums of the year.”

After a couple tweets, including one about Macklemore, ‘Ye eventually moved on and let Bob live, but fans didn’t.

The Fader grabbed screenshots of the producer’s Wikipedia page right after the rant and noticed that fans had altered it to note that Ezrin’s death came after Kanye issued a series of deadly tweets and “his children were said to be thankful for their father’s death, for he never appreciated the talent of Kanye West.”

The page has since been corrected.