Kandi, Tiny and Toya's Christmas At Disney World Is Picture Perfect

Talk about goals! The three famous friends, along with 'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta's' Rasheeda and Kirk Frost, had a ball spending Christmas in the most magical place on earth. Check out their family flicks here!

Essence Dec, 27, 2016

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Tiny's babies are having a ball!

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Kandi posted this group shot, captioning it, "this was a quick but very fun vacay!"

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Kandi posted her cutie with a sweet caption. "Merry Christmas everyone," she wrote. "I know the real reason for the season is to celebrate the birth of Christ but we still have a little fun for the kids with Santa. Sending out nothing but love to everyone & I hope you're all having a wonderful day!"

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Family fun!

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Looking like sisters!

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"True friends turn into Family." We agree, Toya!

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The Harris clan.

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"In the place where magic happens!" There's no better way to spend Christmas than with all your family and friends in the most magical place in the world.

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We're happy to see Toya smiling after such a tough year.

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Picture perfect!

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Who doesn't love a little face paint?

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Rasheeda's boys are growing up fast!

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"Merry Christmas from me and @acewellstucker from Disney World enjoy your holiday and be safe."

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Selfies in the most magical place in the world? Appropriate!

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Sister, Sister!

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Tiny's newest addition, baby Heiress, is living it up!

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The Harris clan poses with one of our favorite characters.

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Zonnique is all grown up and sitting pretty with a head of golden curls.