Kandi Burruss' Best Side Eye Moments 


Who’s the shadiest of them all?

Crystal Tate May, 17, 2017

From her singing days with Xscape in the ‘90s to being a cast member on Real Housewives of Atlanta since season two, Kandi Burruss has been on our radar for decades. But as a member of arguably the shadiest bunch of housewives of the Bravo franchise, Burruss has also served us with several side eye moments that usually echo our exact sentiments. In honor of her 41st birthday today and Burruss heading back on tour with her former R&B group Xscape, here’s a look at 15 of her best side eye moments.

Kandi Stands Up To NeNe

During season two (Burruss’ first season) of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Burruss finds herself in the middle of an argument with NeNe Leakes after drama over Burruss working with Kim Zolciak on “Tardy for the Party.” Before things get too heated, Burruss decides to walk away before giving side eye and telling Leakes “I’m going to stop talking to you right now before I blow up on your *ss.”

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Kandi Is Skeptical of NeNe

In season five, NeNe Leakes began to befriend Phaedra Parks despite their differences but Kandi Burruss didn’t believe Leakes was genuine. In one scene, Burruss told Parks, “There was a time when Miss Nene didn’t even know you and y’all came from the same town but now all of sudden, y’all working out together.”

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Kandi Confronts Kim

During the season five reunion, Kandi Burruss confronted Kim Zolciak, who left the show in the middle of the season. Burruss, who also sued Zolciak for not being paid for “Tardy for the Party,” gave Zolciak the side eye while saying, “Bottom line, everybody felt like you was full of it through this whole year and all of the end of last year, because you did always have an excuse.”

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Don’t Talk About Kandi’s Husband!

In the sixth season of RHOA, Kandi  Burruss shaded Natalie Macklin, wife of Christopher Williams, when she called Burruss’ husband Todd an opportunist. Burruss said, "You tryin' me right now, you tryin me. I don't know you lady. What ever you talkin' about it's from over a decade ago. Thank goodness she's on the other side of the table."

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Kandi Shades NeNe

During one of Kandi Burruss’ confessionals, Burruss made a slick comment about NeNe Leakes’ stripper past with the ultimate side eye. "It's been years since you been putting your panties in peoples' faces. Nobody cares what goes on in them. Nobody," said Burruss.

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Don’t Tell Kandi What To Do!

When the ladies took a trip to Savannah, Georgia in season six, they all slammed Kandi Burruss for taking the master suite since they believed that NeNe Leakes should have gotten it since she planned the trip. Burruss responded simply with "Unless your name is Momma Joyce, you really cannot tell me what to do."

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Don’t Talk About Kandi’s Mother Either!

During the reunion of season six, Kandi Burruss called out NeNe Leakes for talking about Momma Joyce. Burruss told Leakes, “What you said was bullsh*t” and also said “Don’t expect no respect!”

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Kandi Calls Out Porsha and Phaedra

During season seven, Porsha Williams called out Kandi Burruss for not running out fast enough when Phaedra Parks decided to leave a group dinner. Burruss felt that Porsha overreacted and definitely gave her the side eye. On her Bravo blog, Burruss said, “What tripped me out was hearing Porsha and Phaedra make me out to be the enemy because I left the table two seconds later than they did.”

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“You Weren’t The Best Assistant”

In Kandi Burruss’ spinoff show Kandi’s Ski Trip, Burruss didn’t bite her tongue while talking to her best friend and assistant Carmon Cambrice when she asked Burruss if she told anyone she was great. Burruss responded, “Up until recently, I didn’t think you was great at what you’re doing. For a long time, you weren’t the best assistant I ever had.”

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Kandi Shades Kenya

During season eight, Kenya Moore hosted a brunch for her castmates and when Moore said she was “trying to be a grownup and a woman,” Kandi Burruss gave Moore major side eye.

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Kandi Gives The Ultimate Side Eye

At Shamea Morton’s engagement party that Kandi Burruss threw for her, Sheree Whitfield revealed the conversation she had with Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams when Parks said that Morton sleeps with everyone’s husband. Burruss’ reaction was side eye with extra shade. See here for yourself.

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Don’t Call Kandi Fake!

Kandi Burruss’ former employee Johnnie Winston posted a negative Instagram post about Burruss that caused her to confront him at an event he helped her with. When he mentioned his pay was inadequate and called her fake, Burruss went off and gave the most epic response: “So I’m going to take my fake money and not worry about paying you no more fake money. Let this be your last fake check you gotta get from me.”

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Kandi Reveals Porsha’s Hypocrisy

On the most recent season, the biggest side eye of all by Kandi Burruss was when Porsha Williams tried to call Burruss a closet lesbian. With a side eye that could kill, Burruss revealed that Williams actually kissed her at the club once and tried to hook up after.

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Kandi Hits Reply With A Side Eye

Earlier this year, Kandi Burruss cohosted The Real, and took part in their Hit Reply segment where she clapped back at a fan who questioned her doing anything for a paycheck. Burruss also addressed the fan accusing her of using Phaedra Parks for a storyline with a shady response: “What’s her storyline?”

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“You Said That?!”

On the explosive reunion of season nine, it was revealed that Phaedra Parks was the source of the drugging and rape accusations against Kandi Burruss, and a shocked Burruss responded, “You said that?! That is some bullsh*t!” to Parks. When Porsha Williams revealed that Parks claimed she heard it directly from the singer, a side-eyed Burruss exclaimed, “the lies, the lies, the lies!”

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