Kandi Burruss' All White Birthday Party Was Flawless, Of Course

What else would you expect from the queen of Atlanta? 

Sydney Scott May, 18, 2017

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Hop up out the whip STUNTIN'!

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Kandi kicked off the party with her girls, all in their Sunday best.

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Tiny, Toya, and Rasheeda posed together, not a stain in sight on those all-white looks.

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At some point there was another group photo, how these ladies are keeping their all-white outfits so clean is beyond me. Monyetta, you got a Tide pen in that bag?

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Mama Joyce pops up for another group photo. Kirk Frost and Kandi's hubby Todd Tucker make an appearance, but are relegated to the back because this is Kandi's show and Kandi makes the rules. 

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Marlo Hampton is serving in what I'm sure is a night gown.

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Everyone wants a pic with the birthday girl.

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Reece and Kandi serving up BFF goals. 

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An over-the-shoulder pic with the birthday girl.

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I mean, you can't help but smile during such an extravagant party.

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Mimi and Tommie look cute and carefree.

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This printed outfit is a look, tbh.