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VIDEO PREMIERE: Watch Kandace Springs Take Your Breathe Away With Her New Single, 'Place to Hide' 

Listen to Kandace Springs give you a "Place to Hide" with the second single and new video from her debut album, Soul Eyes.

Kandace Springs has blessed music lovers from Nashville, TN to Los Angeles, CA and more for quite some time. Her soulfully accented jazz sounds are reminiscent of a modern day Billie Holiday and Norah Jones – something music clearly needs these days. Two years ago she released her self-titled debut EP, and now she’s celebrating the release of her first full-length studio album, Soul Eyes, which hit digital platforms and stores today!

To promote the 11-track project, Kandace recorded a black-and-white visual for the album’s second single, “Place to Hide,” showcasing her vocal and instrumental skills as she’s a beast on the piano – and has been since the age of 10. While the song wasn’t recorded for any particular person, the lyrics ring true for anyone who’s just needed someone to lean on. 

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“It’s really about just being there for someone,” says Kandace. “It really speaks for itself: being their place to hide. They can be going through a hard time or whatever – just being there for them. I feel a lot of people don’t write about that as much anymore.” 

The Nashville-based singer admits she didn’t pen this song herself, but since the day she listened to it with her production team – Evan Rogers and Carl Sturken, you know the guys who developed Rihanna before she got the deal – it’s always been close to the heart. But they never thought the song would actually go anywhere. 

Frustrated and ready to turn “Place to Hide” into something great, Kandace pushed to add the single to her upcoming album, and here it is!

“This song’s been in my life maybe five or six years. It’s always been one of my favorites,” says the 27-year-old singer. “I used to play a bar at a lounge at a hotel for a living, and people would be talking and stuff but every time I would play that song, they would just go silent and listen. I feel like it’s a really powerful song.”

Kandace Springs is a quiet storm: “jazz and soul and simplicity” combined.

So sit back and indulge in this soothing four-minute video, and ask yourself if you’ve ever been someone’s “Place to Hide.”