K. Michelle Sets The Record Straight On Accusations Of Skin Lightening
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K. Michelle has always been unapologetically herself. When it comes to her opinions, her body, or her music, she just doesn’t care what anyone else seems to think. Despite how open she’s always been to the public — especially about her surgical enhancements — there are people who believe she hasn’t told us the full story when it comes to her skin complexion. The singer and Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star, who has had health issues throughout the year after surgically removing her butt implants, shared a few cute photos in her Fashion Nova fit on Instagram, and of course, people had something to say. While many told her she looked gorgeous; others asked why is her skin tone so different. “I specifically remember you being browner sis… This makes me sad,” one Instagram user wrote. Another chimed in, “Harpo, who is this woman? Girl stop, you knew people were going to question your skin color when you posted the dam pic. You know dam[n well you looked 15 shades lighter” Irritated by the claims, the 34-year-old singer didn’t hold back in her response, noting that due to her health issues she looks different. “The s**t all of you makeup when you just can’t find anything to hang a person. I’ve been fighting for my life for six months. Umm, of course, I don’t look the same. Seriously,” she said in part. “I was like seriously sick to the point of not knowing if I would still be here. I almost lost my life; I won’t let you take it,” she continued. “Your own people will make fun of you when you really on some positive s**t. Told my story to save a life. I would do it all over again.” K. Michelle went on to make perfectly clear that she’s never bleached her skin, but has altered her butt thanks to implants and has had a nose job. “So let’s clear it 1. Bleaching- Never done it and don’t even know how. I just got completely healthy a month ago,” she clarified. “My Butt- I admitted it to the world, unlike your favorites. I wanted to help women. Now my a** is ALL real. Now what? My nose- Yes it’s pinched.” The singer concluded by writing, “Sooo… NOW What? I’m me! Are you? I’m sorry I’m going to change the world. My own way, 1 woman at a time!” What do you think of the recent accusations?


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