Skepticism is what every artist faces when they’re first on the scene. Think about it. The first thought you have when you see an artist is: Do they really have talent? 

Luckily, Cardi B does.

Beats 1 DJ, Julie Adenuga was featured in the June 2017 ESSENCE issue breaking down her favorite summer songs. But she also opened up about a recent Cardi B concert she went to. “It was fantastic,” she said about the London show. 

“I think more than anything, I was really pleased – I watch all of the Love & Hip Hop religiously. A lot of the artists on there —sorry the people on there— say, ‘I just want to focus on my music.’ And it all is very much fake. So it was really satisfying to see her perform to a sold-out crowd in London.”

Adding, “People knew her lyrics – they weren’t there because they like looking at her— they knew all her tunes and saying lyrics back to her. She felt like an artist to me, she didn’t feel like a person who’s trying out loads of stuff because they want to be famous.”

During her energetic shows Cardi talks to the crowd, telling jokes, what she got famous doing.

“She really says her lyrics with passion. She’s an artist. I enjoyed watching her show. She was thoroughly entertaining. What she was saying between the songs was so funny. I just loved watching her. That felt like rap, that felt like a woman on stage and she looked great and she sounded good as well. She just wasn’t out here so people were talking about her, you know? She really takes them seriously.”

Guess we’ll be looking for Cardi B tickets next time she’s in town.

Learn more about Julie Adenuga’s Beats 1 show, here


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