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Jill Scott Previews New ‘Woman’ Album: ‘I’ve Got Some New Magic to Share’

“I can’t wait to see what you think," said Jill as she previewed her new album, "Woman."

You’re here, I’m free. I really dig your company. It’s been 15 years since Jill Scott took us on that “A Long Walk” from her debut Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. 1. On the eve of her upcoming fifth album, Woman (July 24 release), it was only fitting that Jill Scott took us all the way back.

Last night, the singer performed at South African hot spot Madiba—the place for people watching in Harlem—for fans and entertainment industry cognoscenti, including fashion maven Bevy Smith, journalist Michaela Angela Davis and Atlantic Records honcho Mike Kyser.

“I got some new magic to share with you,” Jill smiled, flashing her high-wattage smile. “I can’t wait to see what you think.” Despite just having mastered the album that day, she appeared relaxed in a flowing poncho, curve-hugging jeans and large hoop earrings. The singer performed several tracks from Woman, including the summery, lovelorn single “Fools Gold.” “You had me chasing fools gold,” she crooned with her seven-piece live band that included a saxophone and trumpet.

Woman marks a milestone for Jill Scott. Fifteen years of giving us that good-for-your-soul music. She’s no stranger to heartache on the album—or in real life–but she’s resilient. On “Closure,” she gives her ex-man one more night of passion…and then proceeds to kick his ass out the back door in the morning. “Don’t be expecting no breakfast in the morning,” she smugly sang and then threw in the ad-lib, “Don’t be expecting no more homemade waffles.” We know, Jilly. Makeup sex can be the best revenge!

On another song, Jill gets her inner-Oprah on and reveals how she visualizes and readies herself (while being single) for her next man. “In the quiet times I will prepare,” she sang and then joked, “Maybe I may have to do a few more crunches…It’s been a long time since my thighs saw the track.”

An actress as much as a singer, Jill showed off this comedic side throughout the show. “Are you gonna bleep me?” she asked the camera crew shooting the concert. “I’m just trying to figure out what sh*t I can really say!” “Jill, you too much!” said afan in the crowd.

One of the most honest tracks on Woman is dedicated to a very special guy: Jill’s six-year-old son Jett. “Put Me Back Together” follows Jill’s process of healing through her son. Jett himself was in the house, rocking an adorable Ninja Turtles backpack. At one point, a fan tried to take a photo of the tyke but Jill wasn’t having it. “He’s not that comfortable being on camera and neither am I,” she said. She wasn’t mad but she was serious and there was something very endearing about seeing the star in mama mode. Jill Scott keeps it real—she always has–and we love her for it.

Woman is set to release on July 24.

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