Last month, the Jhene Aiko partnered with La Mer, the skincare brand responsible for her favorite sheet mask, to raise awareness of the importance of sea conservation. 

For Jhene, the sea has always been more than a place to sail out to, it’s also the home to her favorite skincare ingredients.

Fresh off a deep-sea expedition in Fiji Island with La Mer, who recently launched the “See What They Sea” campaign to show the beauty of the sea in fresh and powerful ways, the Wasted Love singer shares exactly how she maintains her flawless complexion in an ESSENCE exclusive.

What drew you towards this campaign with La Mer? 
I was drawn to this campaign with La Mer because I have always loved the ocean and I appreciate the work La Mer is doing with ocean conservation and their Blue Heart Ocean’s Fund. 

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You have amazing skin. Do you drink a lot of water? Does that help?
Thank you! I think great skin starts from the inside. Drinking water and staying hydrated definitely helps keep my skin in good condition.

What products do you use on your skin to maintain a fresh and even complexion?
I am always changing my skincare routine, trying new things. Right now, I love the the La Mer Toner, Crème de la Mer and Sheet Mask

What ingredients do you look for in your skincare products ? 
I look for lavender, chamomile, CBD oil and neem oil. I make my own concoctions with a few of these ingredients and have found that they really calm and soothe my skin. I also love seaweed and sea kelp in my serums and toner. 

What’s your skin type?
My skin type is combination. Depending on my diet, the time of the month and if I’m stressed or not, my skin changes and I constantly have to tailor my skin routine. 

It’s summer, so many people will be traveling. How do you manage to keep your glow on the go?
I make sure I’m drinking plenty of water, all day… everyday!!! Eating lots of fruits and even more veggies is a must. I keep my La Mer sheet masks and my favorite products in travel sized bottles with me at all times. Last, but not least… I practice living in a meditative state and breathing deeply throughout my day. I believe that inner peace shines from the inside out and shows up on your skin. 

For every public post using #LaMerBlueHeart #LaMerDonation together in June, La Mer will donate $25, up to $650,000, to the La Mer Blue Heart Oceans Fund to support ocean conservation projects around the world.