Jhené Aiko Has A Very Realistic Big Sean Tattoo
Cassidy Sparrow/

Drake isn’t the only artist getting famous faces tattooed on his body.

Jhené Aiko has joined the club with a tattoo of boyfriend Big Sean, which we have to admit is really good. 

Aiko’s tattoo artist shared a photo on Instagram of the work, which looks stunningly like Sean. 

Art is ❤️thanks Jheńe for allowing me to share this moment.

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Aiko and the rapper have been dating for quite a while and in 2016 the pair dropped a collaborative album, Twenty88. The singer also recently finalized her divorce from producer Dot da Genius. 

Of course, after debuting the new tattoo, fans and Twitter users had tons to say.





However, Aiko and Big Sean have never been too interested in what people think of their relationship and the singer later tweeted, “We’re the only lovers left alive!!”

If Jhené’s happy with the new ink, then we’re happy for her.

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