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Jesse Williams Takes Us Inside 'Ferguson October' Weekend of Protests

The Grey's Anatomy star joined thousands of protestors in peaceful protests in St. Louis.
Jesse Williams Takes Us Inside ‘Ferguson October’ Weekend of Protests
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Grey’s Anatomy actor Jesse Williams was on the front lines of the Ferguson October demonstrations over the weekend.

Williams, one of the few celebrities to participate in the weekend of peaceful protests, used his Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr pages to document the events that began Friday and is scheduled to continue until Monday. The candidness of his posts was insightful, even helping to dispel a rumor that clashes between protestors and police had taken place.

In addition, Williams also showed his video project, Question Bridge—an innovative media project that engages the audience in communal dialogue about Black male identity in America.

“Incredibly proud of the progress before me tonight. Hard working, young people full of love & pain on a move,” Williams tweeted after speaking at Hip Hop 4 Justice.

Cornel West and Talib Kweli were also present.