Jazmine Sullivan apologizes for insensitive post about Thomas Clay
Ouzounova/Splash News

Jazmine Sullivan apologized Friday for her tone-deaf Facebook post following the death of gospel singer Thomas Clay.

Earlier this week, the Grammy-nominated R&B singer posted that Clay had made numerous passes at her.

“I didn’t know TC very. What I do know is I gave him my number accidentally thru a friend and he reached out consistently for a year,” Sullivan said. “I think I replied maybe 3 times but that never stopped him from writing me. He was DETERMINED lol… Just know I was your fan TC (Cuz I know u still gotta crush on me in heaven and u listening) rest in paradise!”

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Social media did not take too kindly to her words, especially during this time when his family and friends are mourning his death. Clay, also known as “TC,” was found dead in his hotel room this past weekend.

She posted her apology on Instagram Friday, saying she recognized it wasn’t the best way to remember Clay.

“After reading ur comments I can understand how some of u feel the way u do. For that and to the people who knew and loved Tc whom I offended I humbly apologize. It was not in my heart nor my intention to bring attention to myself and I am truly upset at the thought that I may have taken up one second in this time of mourning.”

“I was just caught up in all the love for TC I had seen for a couple days,” she continued. “I can see now there were details I coulda reserved but I just wanted to tell my truthful, light hearted story to lift the heavy atmosphere. The main point of my post was not to show how I “curved” him, or disrespect him by making him seem annoying, but to show how I missed the opportunity to get to know a great guy!”

Consider it a lesson learned for Sullivan as well.

“It was a lesson on time and how I wish I had used it more wisely!,” she added. “A lesson I could’ve kept private.”