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Jay Z Responds to Barneys Fiasco, Says He's Being Unfairly 'Demonized'

"I move and speak based on facts and not emotion," said the rapper in a statement about the ongoing investigation.
Jay Z Responds to Barneys Fiasco, Says He’s Being Unfairly ‘Demonized’
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This weekend, Jay Z released a statement about the ongoing investigation tied to Barneys’ alleged racial profiling incidents.

On his official website, Jay Z said he’s being unfairly targeted and “demonized” over not taking action soon enough. “I move and speak based on facts and not emotion,” said the mogul. “I haven’t made any comments because I am waiting on facts and the outcome of a meeting between community leaders and Barneys.”

He went on to reiterate that pulling out of his collaboration with Barneys wouldn’t hurt his pockets (in fact, he’s not profiting from this at all) or Barneys’ pockets. According to him, bowing out of the deal would hurt those who benefit from the Shawn Carter Foundation. “I have been working with my team ever since the situation was brought to my attention to get to the bottom of these incidents and as the same time find a solution that doesn’t harm all those that stand to benefit from this collaboration.”

Although Jay Z stands strong against discrimination, he won’t be guilty of making snap judgements. “I am no stranger to being profiled and I truly empathize with anyone that has been put in that position,” he concluded his statement. “Hopefully, this brings forth a dialogue to effect real change.”