Jay Ellis Says Fans Well Get To See Lawrence’s “World Open Up” In Season Two Of ‘Insecure’
David Livingston

Honestly, we’re still reeling from the season one finale of Insecure

And, while the ESSENCE office is still split when it comes to Team Lawrence and Team Issa, we’re all excited to find out how the two move on. 

Speaking to Gold Derby, actor Jay Ellis revealed that viewers will get to see Lawrence’s “world open up.”

“It’s Issa and our writers’ intention that no matter what happens between Issa and Lawrence that Lawrence is always there in some way.”

He added, “He’s picking up the pieces. What do you do post this traumatic breakup, when a situation like that happens with a woman you think you’re going to spend the rest of your life with, do you go back? Do you distance yourself? Do you move on? You focus on something completely different; maybe you throw yourself in work or friendship — whatever it is? So we see Lawrence pick up all those pieces. He’s mentally still a little clouded and not really sure about what’s going on and so we get to see him stumble through that, figure that out.”

While creator Issa Rae hasn’t spilled much about the season, a recently released teaser seems to reveal that Issa will be dealing with some confusing feelings while she does her best to move on. 

So, what’s post-break up life like for Issa and Lawrence? Find out July 23, when season two of Insecure premieres. 

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