Mega star Janet Jackson has been serving body goals since the very beginning of her decades long career, and now at age 51, there is still no stopping the new mom when it comes to looking great on tour. 

Jackson embarked on the 56-city State of the World tour, just nine months after giving birth to her son, Eissa, and now the singer’s all-star trainer Paulette Sybliss has revealed just how she got back in shape to hit the road. 

“When I was taken on to do the job, my goal was, one, to get her aesthetically looking great, but also to get her fit for the tour,” says Sybliss. “That was my plan. People just think about the aesthetics and how great she looks. But fitness and having her do a tour was also really important.”

One the of the secrets Jackson used to return to her pre-baby body and dance routines might surprise you. “We did no conventional cardio whatsoever,” Sybliss divulged. “A lot of people find that really hard to believe. It was all weight training and it was the type of weight training that I did, so we would incorporate exercises back-to-back. I didn’t just want her to lose weight; I wanted her to drop body fat. I wanted her to look fit and be fit as well. I’m really trying to re-educate a lot of women about the benefits of weight training. Women typically think, I’m gonna get big, I’m gonna get bulky., and they will not. When the body has to use muscle, not only does it burn fat during the session, but also after.”

So how can you get your inner Janet on in the gym to get a head start on your summer 2018 body?

It all begins, says Sybliss, with training light and getting your mind right.

“I always say to women, start really light. Start by almost feeling the area that you want to work. So if you want to work your booty, do a squat. Just find the right positioning, think about the muscle group that you’re working before you start to add weights and take it right back to basics. Also, Train all year round. What you do in the winter is gonna show off in the summertime!”

Ready. Set. Go forth and slay those workouts, ladies!


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