Janelle Monae Calls Coming Out As Pansexual A ‘Beautiful’ Experience
Matt Winkelmeyer/MG18/Getty Images
Janelle Monae revealed that after coming out as pansexual earlier this year, the response and experience has “been beautiful.” The singer has always been private about her love life, preferring to keep her time in the spotlight centered on her work. But with the release of her most personal album yet, Dirty Computer,  she shared more of herself than she ever has with the public. She even revealed in an April Rolling Stone interview that she identifies as pansexual.
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“I think that it’s been a very warm and loving time for all of us who are walking in our truths,” Monae added in an interview with People magazine. “And I’ve always hoped [that] by sharing my stories that people will feel more comfortable walking in their truths. And feel like it’s not a heavy burden, you know, that you do have support.” But what really excites Monae has been the response from the fans at her shows, revealing that she feels “so thankful.” “To be able to perform and have people come and buy tickets, and you look out into the audience and you see a sea of people who come from different walks of life, all different ethnicities,” she continued, “It was just beautiful…and it just made me so full, and made me feel like I needed to give my all.” Some fans have been so committed to giving their all — especially when it comes to Monae’s visuals — that they’ve tried to recreate her vagina-inspired pants from the video for “Pynk” themselves. “I see them and I try to bring them onstage,” she said. “I’m excited about Halloween now!”


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