Jada Pinkett Smith Sets The Record Straight Once And For All About Those Scientology Rumors
After peeling back the layers and taking viewers inside the inner workings of her marriage, Jada Pinkett Smith once again sat down to have yet another honest conversation about one aspect of her life that has been a topic of discussion for years: Scientology. While several Hollywood celebrities have been involved with the Church of Scientology in the past — namely Tom Cruise and John Travolta — many have also wondered if Pinkett Smith and her husband, Will Smith, were also involved, especially after Leah Remini said the couple were members of the cult in her 2015 book, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology.
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Before Pinkett Smith and Remini sat down to chat, Will said he commended his wife “for taking on these types of topics” in the first place. The Bright actor also said he wasn’t upset with Remini — who’s been an outspoken critic of Scientology since breaking away from the sect — for claiming the couple was involved with the cult because she was hurting. “People are suffering, bad. When I look at Leah, whatever she experienced with the Church of Scientology hurt bad, and hurt people hurt people,” Will explained. “And she took a shot at us out of pain. She was hurt and she started taking shots at us.” Though Pinkett Smith initially worried about remaining open during their conversation, Remini defused the situation by apologizing for fueling the rumors and hurting the Smith family in the process. “I wasn’t even considering that you would be hurt literally, looking back on it, I didn’t even consider Jada and Will,” Remini said. “And I’m sorry that I didn’t consider you, because I didn’t. I was so caught up in that pain, and also the pain of others and the effects that it had.” Pinkett Smith admitted that while she’d taken some classes given by the Church of Scientology, she adamantly denies she was involved in the controversial religion. “I always took the position that I’m here at the Scientology Center to learn what I want to learn, and I have no interest in being a Scientologist,” Pinkett Smith said. In the end, the two chalked up the rift due to a huge miscommunication and professed their love for each other. They also talked about the need for people to show vulnerability and find common ground. “Kindness is always the way because you don’t know what people are going through,” Pinkett Smith said.


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