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J. Cole Wants The Baltimore Ravens To Sign Colin Kaepernick

The rapper gave the NFL free agent a shout out during his stop in Baltimore.
J. Cole Wants The Baltimore Ravens To Sign Colin Kaepernick
Nicholas Hunt

Colin Kaepernick is still a free agent, a fact that has left many fans frustrated as they’ve watched various players —including Jay Culter, who was plucked from retirement— land deals. 

Celebrities like Spike Lee, who has organized a rally at the NFL headquarters, have been vocal about getting Kaepernick signed and now, J. Cole is joining the call.

During a tour stop in Balitmore, Cole gave a shout out to the NFL free agent, calling on the Baltimore Ravens to sign the quarterback.

According to Billboard, Cole told the crowd Sunday night, “Baltimore, the type of sh-t that’s happening here, don’t you think somebody should risk they’re whole livelihood and their whole life to talk about this sh-t? Even if it cost them they money, they job, they life? Don’t that sound like Colin Kaepernick? Don’t that sound like what he doing? And he trying to come to Baltimore, the city that seems to need that sh-t for real.”

The Ravens have previously shown interested in Kaepernick, but have yet to sign him. Many fans believe that the NFL has blacklisted Kaepernick after last year’s national anthem protest.

On Monday, Kaepernick shared photos of himself and Cole, tweeting, “Great to see my Brother @JColeNC I appreciate you not just talking about helping the people, but actually going out and doing the work!”


There’s still time for a team to pick up Kaepernick, hopefully, one is brave enough to do it.