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Iyanla Vanzant Addresses Laura Govan's TV Personality: 'You Are A Product Being Sold'

The reality star is the next guest on 'Iyanla: Fix My Life' opening up about her issues with Gilbert Arenas. 


Simply Googling Laura Govan’s name will bring up pages of headlines relating to the father of her four children, Gilbert Arenas. 

The former NBA player with a reputation for saying highly-offensive things about Black women, has been the source of her contention for over a decade. And despite sharing the bond of children with him, they constantly appear to be at odds.

Govan, in this sense, was the perfect person to be on Iyanla Fix My Life.

The 37-year-old is on upcoming episodes talking about Arenas, being a single mother and issues with her father. Govan was introduced to the world through VH1’s Basketball Wives LA, but despite leaving the show, Govan’s personal life has never been quiet.

“You are a product being sold, because you have given the world access to your life,” Iyanla Vanzant says. Later noting, “Nobody comes out of a two-parent household and behaves in this manner.”

Vanzant challenges Govan on her materialistic lifestyle and plethora of people working for her, with no distinct career. 

“Your kids don’t have to go to a private school. And you don’t have to have a makeup artist, and a manager, and a publicist. That’s making the sh-t, look pretty. What you got to do is be clear about who you are. And create your next steps from a place of power and authenticity,” Vanzant says.

“Make no mistake, if I have to take off these lashes, wash my face, put this hair —this little hair— in a bun, take off all this sh-t, have no publicist, no manager, and get a real god damn job. I will,” Govan responds.

To which Vanzant say, “Do it.”

Iyanla: Fix My Life with Laura Govan premieres Saturday, May 27.

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