Beyonce never fails to give us the Black Girl Magic moment we didn’t know we needed.

To kick of her second campaign for sportswear line Ivy Park, Queen Bey has enlisted the help of young, fresh and new style influencers including Yara Shahidi and Selah Marley.

Much like her celebrated HBO special Lemonade, the girl power was on full display in the cool, and sports-centric ad. Alongside rising model Sophie Koella and Beyonce herself, the young stars offered up some inspirational points about strength, perseverance.

“I am strong beyond measure because I am willing to take risks,” said Yara. “Often times It’s nerve wracking to feel as though I’m a 16 year old who is outspoken, am I under qualified, do I deserve this? What makes me strong beyond measure is yes I do, I’m willing to grow and that makes me qualified. I’m willing to intake the knowledge from the world around me, us it and use it for good. That’s why I’m qualified and that’s why I’m here.”

Perhaps we know Selah best as Lauren Hill’s gorgeous 18-year-old daughter, but the truth is that she’s blazing a trail all her own. Featured in major fashion campaigns, Marley is proving that she’s ready to make her own legacy.

“When I’m about to give up, if I don’t have anyone around me to motivate me, I have to dig deep into myself and think about what I really want and the result that I really want,” shares Selah. What am I doing this. You have to go through the exhaustion to get to where you really want, the excellence. It’s really just me reminding myself that there is a goal here. I’m not doing this for nothing. I’m doing it to get somewhere. reminding myself of how awesome the results are going to be.”

Each image was taken in a park that holds some type of significance to each woman, making it all the more special. With an emphasis on the importance of girls and women being involved and excelling in sports, the ad proves to be about much more than cute workout gear.

See the campaign photos below!

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