On-Screen Besties Issa Rae And Yvonne Orji's Real Life Friendship Is Goals

Lauren Porter Jan, 19, 2018

Molly and Issa’s fictional friendship has nothing on their real-life bond.

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Dressed in all black, these two are just dripping in gorgeousness!

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No one gives you a hug like your homegirl! Absolutely no one. 

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Spa day with your BFF. Is there anything better?!

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Keep on flashing those beautiful smiles, ladies!

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When you have a friend like Issa and Yvonne have in each other, they are definitely the cutest dates for each other on some of Hollywood's biggest nights.

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Even when they are causal, they are just so cute!

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These ladies know how to switch up their looks but always keep things oh, so cute!

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Keeping your friends close is always a good idea. Just ask these two!

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A side-eye from a friend is always given with good intention. Right, Issa?

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Selfie time!

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All this melanin. Isn't it just beautiful!

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We can only imagine the epic and amazing conversations and laughs that these lovely ladies share!