Iman Shumpert Explains How To Tell If A Man’s Madly In Love With You (The Way He Is With Teyana)
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During the 2016 MTV VMAs when Kanye West debuted his video for “Fade” starring steamy lovers Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert, women across the Internet collectively agreed on two things: Teyana’s body is the definition of fitness goals and the couple’s hot, steady and steamy love is absolutely everything!

Now, just two years later, they’re happily married and starring in their first ever reality show, Teyana & Iman, which premieres Monday 3/26  (9/8c) on Vh1.

Let’s be honest, the red-hot couple is known for being walking, talking, relationship goals –mostly because it just takes one look at them to see that they’re madly in love with each other.

So, when it comes to matters of the heart, how can a woman tell when a man has truly fallen deeply in love with her? To get some insight, we went straight to the source, and asked Shumpert to break it down for us.

Um…and guess what, ladies? He nailed it! Read his letter to you below.

Love is one of the most powerful and most dangerous things I’ve ever encountered, and within the same breath one of the most beautiful and relevant journeys of my life.

How does a woman know a man is in love with her? I always lean on my emotions to tell this story. And then ask simple questions. Can she control my day? Is her telling me to “come home” an alarm? Men are wired on control, pride and sex. When we as men become vulnerable to these things for a woman…she can most likely say for certain he’s in love.

I believe all men that are desired by masses of women due to looks, drive and character, are all more than likely to be seeing multiple women (Rightfully so if they are single). I believe when a woman begins to see him move away from that lifestyle and see him eliminate all other conversation, it is then she can mark their bond as “real”.

The progression of his jealousy, over protectiveness and eagerness to know what you’re doing all day can most times be perceived as weakness and as nagging and insecure. But that’s a misperception for his obsession with a woman. It’s a beautiful thing! In my reality and experiences these are signs of a man willing to be vulnerable, willing to express and nag so they don’t fill that void with some other fill in. Whatever or whoever that may be. That’s love. He fights over you because he’d rather you tell him to stop than you be hurt that he didn’t do enough. He’s gone all day to make sure he can afford and support anything your mind dreams of. He’s cool with playing the cut at home because he was only out and about being seen everyday so he could find you…don’t let compliments come across as anything else babygirl. Love is dope, stop ignoring it and fantasizing about something you can’t feel. Pain is love…tears are love…hurt is love….it’s what makes those good times take you on that ride! It’s part of the story!

Don’t let men fool you…we all want love, we just know that it can leave us very vulnerable and we seek a woman who understands and protects that with her life.



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