Idris Elba Says He Wants ‘To Be’ Donald Glover
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Idris Elba isn’t content with just stealing hearts, he’s working towards a career that stretches his abilities. The award-winning actor told The Hollywood Reporter that he continues to be professionally motivated by all that Donald Glover has been able to accomplish.
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“I want to be Donald Glover,” Elba said. “He’s the man. He literally does it all.” As an award-winning rapper, writer, comedienne, actor, DJ, and television auteur, Glover provides a powerful example of how to diversify a career in entertainment. “My career is more like a buffet, and I like it that way,” he explained, noting that he often takes roles that he feels others would be satisfied with. “It’s what keeps me alive and interested.”


Five-time Emmy nominee Elba is working his way towards his goal — one gig a time. He’s produced documentaries, started a music label, and a production company, and co-created and will be starting in Netflix’s original comedy series, Turn Up Charlie, out March 15. The show follows a British DJ who becomes a “manny” while struggling to make it. This role is a perfect fit for the actor whose love of DJing is well documented. He spun at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Royal Wedding and is slated to perform a set at this year’s Coachella. Still, there’s another man who’s truly motivating Elba — his late father. “I watched my dad die [in 2013]. And he and I had big plans. There was this sense of, ‘You’re going to go to America and make it, son,’ and I did and I wanted to come back and share it with him,” he told the magazine “But by that time, he wasn’t well, so I never got the chance to show him the fruits of my labor.” Elba said the experience of losing his father “grounded the f-ck out of me.” “So, when someone tells me, ‘You’re doing a bit too much.’ I’m like, ‘I’m going to die one day. I’m going to take that last breath, and you know what I don’t want to be thinking when I do? I should’ve done that,'” the actor admitted.


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