There was a time that you could catch award-winning actor (and our biggest celebrity crush) Idris Elba on Twitter at all times of the day and night, sharing personal photos, feelings and beyond. But, these days Elba can sometimes go days or weeks without posting a thing. This is because, says Elba, he’s now at a different stage in his life where social media isn’t a priority.

“It’s impossible to navigate and try and be a part of social media,” says Elba. “At one stage in my life, I was so much more engaged into it, but found myself trying to fabricate a life that only existed in social media. I was like, ‘Oh, I’ve got to slow down on that.’”

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Elba recently reiterated his more negative thoughts on social media in a very telling tweet, that read: “Spending unhealthy amounts of time on social media, can erode your attention span for real ‘life’ comprehension. Try speaking and listening.”

But don’t think the Zootopia star isn’t reading at least some of your loving and supportive tweets and mentions. They do matter to Elba.

“[As for] my social media presence, in pinnacle moments, where I get a lot of congratulatory texts and all of that, I spend the time to read them,” says Elba. “And, I spend the time to reply to people as well, because people say some beautiful and really, really heartfelt things.”

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So, what’s really going down in Elba’s DM? Well, we asked, and his answer was hilarious. After laughing, he said, “This is a new phrase. I sound ancient talking about that. Everybody’s talking about DMs, and I’m like, ’what?’ Now I realize that it’s direct messages, okay, cool. I get it.”

Idris, you are the best.