Idris Elba Dishes on His New Superdry Collection, Gender-Bending Clothes and His Personal Style
Theo Wargo

Idris Elba embodies that certain something that every woman wants and most men want to emulate, so it makes sense that he’s bottling all of his signature swag up and putting it into his second collection with British retailer, Superdry.

The star spoke to ESSENCE about the new line, his feelings about gender-bending clothes & the wildest thing he has in his closet.

Men’s fashion is having a major moment and gender-bending looks à la Jaden Smith have received much criticism but Elba says he sees no issue with it.

“I think it’s inevitable and it’s down to choice, but it’s definitely inevitable in this day and age…dudes have got all sorts of things going on. I’ve got a pair of leather trousers. I rock them. I don’t think I would probably wear a dress but I suspect [in] the future of fashion there’s going to be a slight blur. I don’t see anything wrong with that. I just see it as a choice.”

Elba says that the future of fashion is also allowing men to really find their personal style.

“I think there was a stigma about being a fashionable man. It almost felt like you were doing too much but now the consciousness of men’s fashion is right up there. The kids are not all following each other’s style anymore. When I grew up, everyone was wearing the same trousers, the same sneakers, no one was trying to make their own personal statement.”

As far as his own closet goes, Elba says his wardrobe is all about non-fussy pieces and he doesn’t really have any wild cards.

“I’m not that wild. I tell you what though, I have these proper African pants, they’re made from all sorts of African material. I probably look like a clown when I wear them but I love them.”

He stressed that the key to real style for any man is being absolutely comfortable, wearing what works for you and making sure it’s what you really want (which could mean leaving your mother, girlfriend or boys home).

“I think you have to find the materials that make you feel comfortable, that’s always a good place to start because it’s on your skin. Find the shape that you’re comfortable with as well. I grew up in England and in America for a part of my life, and when I came to America, I wore more fitted clothing but I felt conscious about it because everyone around me was wearing baggy clothing but when I wear baggy clothing, I don’t feel like myself. So it’s really important that in whatever you wear you feel like yourself. Also, don’t be afraid to shop by yourself.”

Wise words from a dapper man.

Idris Elba’s collaboration with Superdry is in stores & online now.



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