Considering the major scandal surrounding Kim Kardashian West and her epic read of Taylor Swift aka the #KimExposedTaylorparty, it seems that my run in with the reality TV star-turned-media mogul this weekend was just a precurser of the events to come.

During a fabulous party in the Hamptons hosted by Revolve, I learned that It’s all fun, games and free-flowing Moët until you photobomb Kim Kardashian West.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Myself along with ESSENCE assistant digital beauty editor, Virginia Lowman, were living our very best lives at the soirée and attempting to get the perfect pic for Instagram when a cloud of people started feverishly snapping pictures, which we quickly learned was the moment Kim Kardashian arrived. 

A photographer motioned for her to stand in pretty much the same place that we were trying to get our shot, so naturally we had to move. Kim looked back and said “Omg, I’m so sorry,” waited for our “It’s ok!” and gave an effortless pose.

That was it. That was the moment. Kim acknowledged us trying to glow up, we told her it was cool and she could have her moment first and just like that she was gone.

We continued to frolick around the party, take pictures, refill glasses and then, I picked up my phone and realized that I’d been bombarded with notifications.

There were texts and tags asking if it was me photobombing Mrs. West and looking like I’m having a hearty laugh at the celeb’s expense. It turns out had snapped a shot of Kim and captured Virginia and I mid-giggle.

What I didn’t see coming though was a bevy of commenters deciding that we were laughing at Kim. 

The commenters decided on their own that her long-sleeved dress and thigh high boots were inappropriate for the weather and that my friend and I just couldn’t get ahold of ourselves because of it. 

But contrary to popular belief it wasn’t that hot outside, the boots were FIRE, and somehow it all worked. When we saw her the first thing we said to ourselves was “wow she really is gorgeous & her butt is perfectly proportioned in real life.” There was no question at all about what she was wearing other than, “where can we get those boots though?”

So again to set the record straight, we were not laughing at her at all, but I did find it interesting that it was assumed that we were. For the first time I got an up close look at what it’s like to be a celebrity. People make assumptions and judge you for better or worse without ever knowing the real situation. Some even came to her defense, calling us names and saying “we should check ourselves first.” Which if you think about it is pretty ironic.

I think the lesson here is–pictures may be worth a thousand words but we all have to remember that they can’t always speak the truth; Kim Kardashian really is super pretty; and social media is a big, scary place.

All in all, it was a photobomb for the books. Now here’s to hoping that we don’t become a meme.

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