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‘HTGAWM’ Recap: It’s Time to Move On

Let’s count the number of murders amongst the HTGAWM crew, shall we?
‘HTGAWM’ Recap: It’s Time to Move On

Let’s count the number of murders amongst the HTGAWM crew, shall we? One, two, three people are dead because of Annalise and her pupils.

Last season ended with Frank and Annalise finding Rebecca dead under the basement stairs. This season kicks off with Annalise lecturing her class when Wes shows up late with an attitude. When Annalise asks him a question he says he’ll pass. Annalise isn’t having it, but Wes stands his ground and gets real disrespectful. Meanwhile we learn Frank got rid of Rebecca’s body. Annalise tells him no one can find out about it. Frank is convinced Wes is the culprit.

Back at Annalise’s house/law practice, Eve, death row attorney/Annalise’s former law school classmate, shows up to chastise her about Nate. Annalise wants Eve to take his case. Eve’s hesitant but agrees. Nate doesn’t trust either of them. Eve makes sure to let him know he will go to prison as a Black man killing a White man. “White folks, always bring up race when it suits them, never when it matters.” Let the church say amen! Nate says Annalise set him up so Eve doesn’t take the case after all. Eve reads Annalise for filth telling her she’s not a good person.

Jack has needs, but his boyfriend is HIV positive so their sex life is on a stand still. Frank continues his ‘Wes killed Rebecca’ monologue to Annalise but she’s certain he’s not the killer. Annalise tells Wes that Rebecca is staying at a hotel in Philadelphia so Frank can trail him to see if he goes to look for her. He never does. Over a nice home cooked meal Annalise is ready to confess to Wes until he explains why he didn’t go looking for his former girlfriend. “I’m not pathetic,” Wes proclaims. He says if Rebecca chose to run away after all he’s done for her then he respects her choice. Poor guy doesn’t even know his girl is dead.

For some reason Annalise is adamant about taking on the case of two rich adopted siblings who are accused of murder, but they already have an attorney. She sets a plan in motion to steal the clients once their attorney messes up. Of course her team orchestrates the screw up by falsifying surveillance footage that they handed over to the defense team. Like clockwork the siblings hire Annalise.

Bonnie and Asher are a couple. They want it to remain a secret, but everyone knows. Mikaela stupidly texts back the number that Rebecca sent an “Eggs 911. Lawyer’s House.” message to during the whole Sam murder debacle. Laurel knows Rebecca is dead so she confronts Frank. Frank tells Annalise Laurel is the killer, but Annalise figures out who the real killer is. Bonnie suffocated Rebecca in the basement because she didn’t trust her. Bonnie’s sob story is that she killed Rebecca for Annalise, but Annalise knows better. She knows she did it for Sam and calls her a monster just like him. Seriously, do these people have any normal non-murderer friends?

Annalise shows up at Eve’s doorstep a hot mess. “You were right. I ruin people,” Annalise says. We love you, girl, but yes you do. In a move we didn’t see coming, Annalise and Eve were a couple. Annalise left her for Sam. Annalise has more secrets than a Catholic priest listening to confessions. Eve admits she thinks about Annalise every day. They passionately kiss and most likely have sex. Eve is back on board to take Nate’s case. Peep the game: Annalise has her ex-girlfriend defending her sidepiece in the murder case of her husband.

Annalise takes her ride or die squad to a rave party to take their minds off of murder. Annalise tells Wes it’s time for him to move on. While they’re all off dancing Michaela gets a text back from the mystery person.

Jack moves in with his boyfriend. The aunt of the adopted siblings is found dead in her car. And a two-month flash forward reveals Annalise on the floor bleeding profusely, gasping for air. Jesus take the wheel! You know we’ll have to wait until the end of the season to find out who shot Annalise. Hope you have your seat belts strapped on.

It’s going to be a bumpy, murderous ride.