Last week, President Barack Obama spoke before Congress and the American public to present a plan that aims to put the unemployed back to work. If his legislation is passed, the President said it will bring immediate relief to small businesses and families, including the 8.0 percent of women without jobs.

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The unemployment crisis hit women harder than men and that gap continues to widen. And Black and Hispanic teenage girls are having a difficult time keeping the part-time jobs that are precursors to future career success.

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The White House says President Obama’s American Jobs Act will specifically address these issues. Here’s how the President plans to help women and girls:

  • His jobs proposal will cut taxes for 900,000 female small business owners.
  • The plan directly impacts the mass teacher layouts that have occurred all over the country and heavily affected the 78 percent of women who teach kindergarten-high school. It will allow 280,000 to keep their jobs or go back to a job where they’ve been fired.
  • Some funds will go towards renovating more than 35,000 schools.
  • 2.6 million women would have unemployment benefits extended.
  • The plan will cut payroll taxes for 77.9 million working women which would give them more spending money to help grow the national economy.
  • States will receive funds and support to create summer job programs for underserved youth.
  • The plan would also outlaw employers from discriminating against those who have been unemployed for an extended amount of time.
  • Thousands of construction workers would get back on the job by repairing roads, bridges, and tunnels. Since a relatively small number of women work in this sector, the President’s proposal would offer training in transportation-related activities. It would also help minority businesses gain better access to construction contracts.

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