How Oprah’s ‘A-Ha!’ Moment Launched a Television Network
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It’s strange to think that the originator of the “a-ha!” moment had an “a-ha!” moment herself.

In a new interview with Variety magazine, Oprah Winfrey opened up about how reading Gary Zukav’s book, The Seat of the Soul, led her to her “A-ha” moment that helped a once-struggling OWN Network.

“I had the biggest ‘a-ha’ moment of my life when I read what he had to say about intention,” she said. “What is the thing that you really intend? Because that is going to determine what actually happens.”

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The media mastermind opened up, admitting that the end of her talk show—and the loss of its faithful viewers—meant that she was going to have to re-learn her audience, something she hadn’t had to do for decades. So she sat down and outlined her attentions. Her conclusion? She wanted her network to accurately mirror her viewers, offering them a reflection of themselves.

“I am intentionally trying to create programming that lets people see the best of themselves,” she said. “Sometimes you show them the worst of themselves in order to see the best of themselves. It’s not that I won’t do anything that’s negative, but I won’t do anything that’s negative that doesn’t have a deeper meaning.”

We would have to admit that it has worked out well for her!