We already know that NeNe Leakes does everything big, so it’s no surprise to learn that the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star goes above and beyond to celebrate the holidays. “I’m very festive, honey. Come to my house and you can get a jingle bell any time,” she tells us. Find out how NeNe gets into the season of giving. On decorating her home for the holidays: “Everybody who knows me knows I am a a very big holiday girl. One thing that I do every year is put my Christmas tree up on Thanksgiving. I love to play holiday music. My girlfriends come over, we put the tree, we play holiday music, light candles and the house smells like Christmas. I put up an artificial tree and I love it. The real tree I love the smell of, but I like my artificial chile, and it is just as fabulous as can be. I go all the way on Christmas day. We still believe in Santa so we wake Brentt [her 11-year-old son] up early for Christmas toys like we used to when I was growing.” On cooking for the holidays “People know that I don’t cook, but I make an exception on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I cook a lot of things from scratch so I call up my aunt, who is 81, and she gives me the family recipes, and that food is delicious and fabulous.” On what she’ll be getting herself for Christmas “I give myself a gift every year for Christmas. I always give myself something really nice because I have a lot to show. This year I want to give myself a Mac laptop and some Louis Vuitton luggage, honey.” You gotta love NeNe Leakes! What are you giving yourself Christmas?  

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