Arch Game Strong: How To Get Teyana Taylor’s A-List Brows
@teyanataylor via Instagram

There are levels to brow shaping…just ask Teyana Taylor. Yesterday (August 7), the multi-talented mother of one reminded us that perfectly arched eyebrows can make or break an entire makeup look. In Teyana’s case, they’re good enough to elicit tears…the happy kind. 

Posting a Snapchat screenshot to Instagram, the singer/actress reflected on her latest brow job with a hilarious caption: 
“When u do ya brows so good, re look at the pic and almost wanna cry …lmaooo follow us on da snap #BrowsSoGoodMakeYouWannaSlapYaBabyZaddy”

Only true makeup junkies have experienced this level of beauty euphoria. Jokes aside, our brows are looking all types of inadequate next to Teyana’s A-list arch game. If you want brows that wow, but need help sculpting, M.A.C. is a great brand to shop for beginner tools. 

Level up with six of our favorite products from the celebrity-approved beauty label: 

204 Lash Brush


First, you’ll need a grooming brush to get your brows in formation before applying product. Alternatively, you can also use a clean mascara wand.

Spiked Brow Pencil


Create a frame and fill in your brows with this retractable pencil; no sharpener needed! 

Select Cover Up


After filling your brows, make them pop by lightly outlining with concealer. Don’t forget to blend and use a small angle brush for the ultimate precision. 

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural 


Set the brows and concealer with a slightly pearlized powder. You can also use the same powder to touch-up other makeup throughout the day. 

Brow Set


You can also set your brows with a clear brow gel for extra protection. 

Naked Pigment


Lastly, amp up your arch game like countless beauty bloggers by highlighting the brow bone.