How to Bounce Back from Burnout
Keith Major

When I was a kid, Teddy Pendergrass’s “Turn Off The Lights” was a mega hit. As a coach, I can tell you that Teddy’s opening command to “turn off the lights (and light a candle) could help many of my clients solve some of their problems. They need rest!

We live in an overstressed and overbooked world, where many of us teeter on the edge of burnout. A couple years ago, I collapsed on my knees in prayer—crying out to the Lord for a change. I bawled for over an hour. But I felt stress leave my body with the tears. I finished crying, took a hot shower and got a good night’s sleep. In the morning, my problems were still there—but my rested mind could handle them. 

We are all physical, emotional and spiritual beings. In order for us to live in balance and perform at our peak, we must be committed to self-care on all levels. Many times, regaining balance in our lives can be as simple as making small adjustments in key areas.

If you’re operating in overwhelm, here are a few tips to bring clarity and balance back into your life:

1. Turn Off The Lights: One of the leading energy drinks sells approximately 1.2 million bottles a day…a day!  Grocery store shelves are saturated with products that help us consistently ignore what our bodies are telling us. We need to rest! Ignoring our bodies’ signs will eventually land us in trouble.

The repercussions of physical exhaustion can include putting our lives in literal danger. Lack of sleep makes us short-tempered and decreases our mental capacity for creativity. Science shows our cell structure is damaged when we don’t rest. There is no substitute for healthy sleeping habits. We’re losing far more than we’re gaining when we don’t respect what our bodies are telling us.

2. Get Some Good Grief: There is a time and season for everything under the sun. Sometimes our biggest issue is that we haven’t taken the time to have a good cry. Our bodies release toxins and chemicals when we cry.  There are some issues that won’t be resolved in your life until you grieve them and cry over your loss.  So, grab a box of tissue, light a candle and play those songs that always move you to tears. You’ll feel better for taking the time to release the pain you’ve been holding. When you finish crying, replenish yourself by spending time with the people and things that encourage and inspire you.

3. Clean Up Your Mess: Clutter in the room, translates to clutter in the mind. We’re not all called to be Bea Smith’s and Martha Stewart’s, but we need to exercise control over our physical environments. For months, I felt unsettled when I was in my bedroom. Normally, it is my safe haven from the rest of the world. I finally realized that I felt “out of place” because my life was in boxes. My things weren’t where they fit and belong. So, how could I feel at peace? 

You don’t have to be super organized, but you do need order. Master some of your mental overwhelm by exercising control over your physical environment.

Sometimes the stress we feel in our lives goes way beyond getting sleep, getting organized and having a good cry. When it does, we have to avail ourselves of our resources to get the answers we need. But most times, small shifts in our behaviors and environments open the door to big change!

Do Your Work: Practice self-care and resting daily.

Define Your Wealth: Every day affirm, “I love myself enough to give me what I need to be at my best and Thrive!”

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