Holly Robinson Peete Recreates Adorable Family Photo With Husband And Kids
Rick Rowell/Getty Images

Holly Robinson Peete is recreating memories with her family. 

The Peetes recreated a 2005 family portrait, giving it a 2017 update. In the photo, shot by Antwon Maxwell, Peete poses next to her husband while holding their youngest son, Roman, who is no longer the baby boy he was in 2005. 

Peete shared the photo from The Shade Room, writing, “Aww thx @theshaderoom for giving me mommy IG cred with kids (and hubby) who were soooo salty at me for making them do this doing this #MeetThePeetes #4peetessake #holidayphotoshoot #RomanIsHeavy #theyfoughtme #nowtheylikewemadeShadeRoom.”

Peete has been married to former NFL quarterback Rodney Peete since 1995. The couple have four children together: Ryan, Roman, Robinson, and Rodney Jr., who was diagnosed with autism at age three. 

Both Holly and Rodney have talked about their son’s autism, discussing it on an episode of OWN’s Where Are They Now?, stating that when Rodney Jr. was first diagnosed they believed they could love or banish the autism away. 

“Listen, I had witch doctors and Mormons coming to the house,” Holly said. “I mean, I did everything, okay? We had people come pray with their hands on him. I mean, there was everything we could do. But in the end, it’s about access to resources and therapies but we were blessed to have that.”

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